Testimonials - Bernedoodles

Our customers are the reason we're in business. We work hard to ensure that each of our customers is matched with the right dog for them. Read what our customers are saying about their Bernedoodle pups!

  • Josie (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Josie (yellow girl who I think spent some special time with you and your husband since she was a tiny pup) is wonderful. She has very easily become a part of our family. She makes us laugh every day - she is very goofy, clumsy, incredibly sweet and we just adore her. She is definitely still on the small side - about 55 pounds at over a year but we would not change a thing : ) Our experience with you could not have been better. This is Josie with her two biggest fans!"

    Amanda L

  • Stanley (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "It's been a while since we checked in with updates from our Bernedoodle Stanley. He was from the Dec 26th Eesey/Willy litter, so he is just over a year old now. Stanley is a big boy, easily over 100 pounds at this point (he was 96 pounds in October). He is still learning his size and tries to be a lapdog, but also surprises us with how smart he can be. He is very friendly and playful with all people and other dogs and loves to go for walks and play with his toys. We still get tons of compliments from strangers on his coloring and size, even when it's shorter after haircuts. When he's not playing, he loves to lay around the house with us and try to steal our spots on the sofa. He's truly become a part of the family, just in time to get a new (human) baby brother/sister later this summer."

    Chris and Katie J

  • Barnabas (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Here's a recent picture of Barnabas. He's absolutely wonderful. He's our huge 100+lb goofball. He's a show stopper. He's such a happy fella, and smart. He knows how to pull on the bells to open the door to go potty and when he's thirsty he goes upstairs turns on the faucet in the tub to get a drink, lol. He loves water!!! I hope all is well with the other Bernedoodles. Thank you for our amazing Barnabas."

    Kristen J

  • Lucy (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Lucy is doing amazing! I attached pictures so you can see how big she is getting ! She is a little over 6 months old and about 60 pounds (but thinks she is still about 15). She goes everywhere with me and is starting two puppy classes in April. Lucy loves going to puppy classes and learning new things, but is just as happy napping or chewing a toy by the fireplace. She currently goes to puppy play hours every Tuesday and has made a lot of friends! She is just the sweetest and gets along with everyone we meet. She has the absolute best disposition.

    Thank you again so much for bringing her into my life! I wish I could get another Eesey and Willy puppy!"


  • Theo (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Just wanted to share pictures of our sweet Theo on his 1st Birthday. He is from the Dec. 26th litter of Eesey and Willy and is an amazing dog. He is 70lbs right now, loves being a lap dog, is constantly by our sides, is amazing with other dogs and our grand baby and has a gentle, calm nature that we adore. He will be starting his therapy dog training this year and has already been with one of my clients and was amazing. Most days he is my husband's office dog and all staff love him! We are so grateful to have him in our lives."

    Michaele and Dana

  • Ranger (Bernedoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Hi everyone, This is Ranger! I was boy Orange up to April fools day of 2017. Then I chose my new pack The Harris's from NC. I just luv eating, playing in the mud and driving some of my pack mates crazy, especially Chopper (Goldendoodle)."

    Stephen H

  • Lady (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We really could not have been happier with the whole process of getting our puppy. This was our first time getting a puppy and really didn't know what to expect. You were all so friendly and gave us such great information. We were very relaxed with the entire process. Well, she did great on the way home. She adjusted very quickly in our home with three young children. She is about 45 pounds now at 8 months old, but looks much bigger with all her fur. When we take her out people always stop and comment on her beauty or to ask us what breed she is. She is really beautiful. Her behavior is amazing as well. She is gentle and loving. She is always by my side or my feet while I'm typing this. She is relaxed when we need her to be, but can also be very playful with us and the children. She loves playing fetch and chasing birds. We can't thank you enough for all that you did and for giving us our sweet Lady."

    Jackie H and Family (West Chester, PA)

  • Khaleesi (Bernedoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Khaleesi is almost 6 months old and shes been amazing! She weighs 45 pounds and her coat has really awesome colors. As you can see in one of the pix, she completely changed from black to brown :) Her personality is really funny, she can get a little crazy at times when she really wants to play, but once we give her the attention and exercise she will sleep like a log. She learned tons of tricks by 10 weeks, (2 weeks after got her) and she is very receptive to training. She's an amazing dog! Thank you so much!"

    Ryan and Shannon K

  • Molly (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    ". We got Molly (hot pink girl) from the Eesey and Willy liter. We picked up her almost a year ago on July 9th. We have loved having Molly and she brings such joy to our family. She is about 65 pounds and thinks she's a lap dog. She loves to constantly be near us. Molly can be a big fluff ball but also looks adorable shaved. She absolutely LOVES water!! She isn't the best swimmer, her butt sinks, but she leaps right into the pool. She also loves to play fetch. We get many compliments on how cute she is. Thanks again for our amazing pup!"

    Amanda B

  • George (Bernedoodle - Yeeva and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Here is George (Boy Red) from Yeeva's litter at 5 months old. He just had his first haircut today. Now we call him Gorgeous George. He weighs about 38 pounds now (probably less after his haircut!). He is really doing great. Fully trained and very very smart. George is really special!"

    Joyce E

  • Todd (Bernedoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I hope you're doing well! Just wanted to share a pick of Todd with you. He's 5 months and roughly 45 lbs. he's a big boy. He's so loving and rambunctious! Thanks for breeding amazing puppies. He's a sweetheart. I'll send you more pictures as he grows."

    Nazanin C

  • Ollie (Bernedoodle )

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Ollie turned a year old this week. He's 88 pounds and definitely the funniest dog we've ever had. He loves to get our attention by running off with personal items but also frying pans, banana breads, and TV remote controls. He just wants to play and be loved and we do love this guy!"

    Pete A

  • Stanley(Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willow)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We got a puppy Bernedoodle in February from the Eesey litter. I wanted to pass along a few pics because we CONSTANTLY get told how good looking he is. People love to see him and always ask what breed he is. He's doing pretty well overall aside from normal puppy behaviors we are working through."

    Chris J.

  • Hazel(Bernedoodle - Yeeva and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Hazel is doing wonderfully and we can't get enough of her. She's probably about 60 lbs. she loves people, dogs, kids - she doesn't seem to have a mean or aggressive bone in her body! She is incredibly social at the dog park and a total cuddle bug. And, we just finished puppy obedience class, where she ranked number one! She knows basic commands (sit, lie down, paw, come) and is very treat-motivated. She loves her toys but we got really, really lucky and she never really got into a chewing phase. Long story short, we are smitten with her! We are so happy to have her in our life!"

    Erica D

  • Bernie (Bernedoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Thanks for the Bernedoodle we picked up from you on July 9th! Bernie is a very sweet pup! Happy new year!"

    Matt B

  • Oggy (Bernedoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Hello! I just thought I would update you on our Oggy! He is doing so wonderful! He has captured all of our hearts and is a fantastic "brother" to our girls! He is a spectacular pup! Attached are some pics! He is going to be a big boy! Boy do we love him!"

    Kelly E

  • Hershey (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Hershey is doing really well. Every day he is growing more confident,and cheeky! But he's still fairly chilled out. People stop us all the time, and it takes forever to walk down the high street now! But he's really good with meeting new people, as long as the don't mind being nibled. Tehya is doing really well, she's still unsure of him in the house but will happily take him for a walk. It's because he jumps up when he gets excited and obviously being such a big puppy it can be a bit scary. Lucas is really taking on the responsibility of having a dog and helping with the training and making sure he has water and his toys. Training is ok, when he knows I have treats!"

    Alexandra R from the United Kingdom

  • Bailey (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I just wanted to update you on our baby bailey! She is quite popular on instagram as Bailey the Bernedoodle + we have even found some of her liter mates thanks to the social media site! We are even trying to plan a 1 year birthday party! Bailey is such a wonderful dog! She is the most gentle, fun loving + well behaved puppy that we have ever had! Although she thinks she is about 25 pounds smaller than she actually is, she is so much fun! She is the greatest XL lap dog we could ask for! We take her just about everywhere with us + she is extremely sociable with everyone she meets. She is agile, + loves to play (as long as a nap can immediately follow!). We cannot thank you enough for breeding not only beautiful, but smart + lovable dogs like Bailey! She is a joy + everyone she meets wants to learn more about her breed! I would strongly recommend anyone to you + encourage people to research the breed because they make incredible family members! :)"

    View Bailey's Instagram Account!

    Kaitlin M

  • Ollie (Bernedoodles)

    Bernedoodle photo

    "Ollie has doubled in size since we met him! We adore him, and he is becoming such a part of our family! He is healthy and happy."

    Debbie and Pete A

  • River (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "River is perfect. We are so happy with him. He's 65 pounds at 6 months. And a fluff ball. He has the poodle coat except for his underside and hasn't shed a hair. He is super smart and learns very fast. He loves my small kids and seeks out my crazy 5 year old for 'cuddles' that would annoy the heck out of some dogs. Babies climb on him, he lays there and loves it. He will do commands for even the littlest kiddos...they love being able to tell someone else what to do :). He loves swimming. We went kayaking and he climbed right on and went with us. He is great around our horses...I guess my point is he's one easy going dog, nothing seems to bother him :)."

    Rachel A