Our customers are the reason we're in business. We work hard to ensure that each of our customers is matched with the right dog for them. Read what our customers are saying about their goldendoodle pups!

  • Theo (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Just wanted to share pictures of our sweet Theo on his 1st Birthday. He is from the Dec. 26th litter of Eesey and Willy and is an amazing dog. He is 70lbs right now, loves being a lap dog, is constantly by our sides, is amazing with other dogs and our grand baby and has a gentle, calm nature that we adore. He will be starting his therapy dog training this year and has already been with one of my clients and was amazing. Most days he is my husband's office dog and all staff love him! We are so grateful to have him in our lives. "

    Michaele and Dana

  • Maxx (Goldendoodle - Blythe and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Maxx is almost 7 months now and getting close to 80 pounds! He is so beautiful and well behaved! He has a personality and sometimes has a mind of his own but is very smart and has learned all the tricks. He is so sweet and playful. We are loving him."

    Katerina and David

  • Luna (Goldendoodle - Torrie and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I wanted to share with you how our Luna is doing and looking. She was born August 5th from Torrie and Rory. We LOVE her. She gets along great with our Maltese and he is so happy again after losing his litter mate in June. She is very smart, sweet and loving and honestly we could not ask for a more perfect dog. Thank you so much for breeding such high quality Goldendoodles."

    Christine and Jeff

  • Belle (Goldendoodle - Chili and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Belle is the best dog we have ever owned and we agree with other owners who own a Chili/Rory puppy and wish we could own one of their puppies for the rest of our lives!! We love reading the other testimonials about the other litter mates because it is as if we are reading about our Belle. She is 8 months old and weighs 51 pounds. She is the sweetest and smartest dog and is awesome with children. She loves to roll around and play on the floor with our 6 year-old and 3 year-old and also loves to just lay on the floor and be their pillow. She goes everywhere with us (even to have her picture taken professionally for our Christmas cards). She loves other dogs and plays so well with other dogs and we hope to add another Chili/Rory puppy to the family in the future. The trait we love most about Belle is her smile. Yes, you read that correctly...she smiles. She smiles all the time and just enjoys life with us but not as much as we enjoy life with her! Thank you for such a kind and sweet loving family member who is our third child."

    Monica and Ryan

  • Jax (Goldendoodle - Chili and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We just wanted to send you an update on Jax (boy red) from Chili and Rory's April 2017 litter. He just turned 6 months and is already 55 pounds! He is the sweetest, smartest dog and has the best personality! Jax was potty trained by 10 weeks and became an AKC star puppy at 16 weeks. He loves people and has to greet every person we encounter by rolling over for a belly rub. Everyone stops us to ask where we got him and comment on his beautiful color. Jax is the perfect addition to our family, and we can't imagine our lives without him! Thank you for giving us the perfect pup!"

    Sara and Anthony

  • Astro (Goldendoodle - Chili and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Astro (boy Blue from Chili-Rory April 2017 litter) has been such an amazing addition to our family. We have never met a dog with so much personality. It's as if he has human instincts! He hasn't met a stranger yet, plays really well with children and dogs of all sizes, and even attempts to befriend cats (with mixed results). Some of our neighbors claim that Astro is their favorite dog in the neighborhood, as he tries to get a belly rub out of anybody. In his short 6 months we have been to multiple lake trips, camping, and the beach. He adjusts perfectly to every environment which makes it easy to take him with us everywhere. If only it was possible to have a Chili-Rory dog for the rest of our lives, we most certainly would! Thank you for such a wonderful, hilarious, and handsome puppy!"

    Paige and Mike

  • Isla (Irish Doodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Here is Isla, I cannot believe that she turned 5 today...wow how time flies! She is just the best dog ever, everyone that meets her loves her and my kids all adore her. She is of course my "pal" and follows me everywhere, she is my best friend!! She has calmed down a lot this year, we still run most days with her, and any opportunity she comes with us in the car! I don't know what we ever did before having her!!"

    Diane F

  • Murphy (Goldendoodle - Blythe and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I wanted to send you an update about our doodle! We got Murphy the Sunday before Thanksgiving last year. He was boy orange from Blythe and Rory's second litter. He just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago, and he's doing great! He's a sweet, energetic pup, and has been a wonderful addition to our family! Here's a recent picture of our handsome dood!"

    Catherine H

  • Harper (Goldendoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We have gotten a lot of comments on how beautiful Harper is, from strangers on the street to people online. Thought you would enjoy some pictures! She just had her first haircut. We are beyond happy with her, and we are so appreciative that we found excellent breeders like you guys! Thank you for what you're doing :)"

    Molly T

  • Winnie (Irish Doodle - Bree and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "First, let me say, our sweet pup (Winnie) is nothing short of perfection! We are so in love with her!! She was potty trained using the bell method less than two weeks after we brought her home. She also quickly learned sit, shake, lay down, stay, wait, and more. She loooooves kids so much. She's also a BIG fan of adults and other dogs. She goes to the dog park every evening and has never met a dog she isn't instantly friends with! We are hoping to be able to get her involved in some service work in the future. I think her kind eyes and loving demeanor would be perfect for it! Thank you for our perfect fur baby. She's also a big hit on Instagram @Winnie_the_Irishdoodle :-D"

    Summer R

  • Comet (Goldendoodle - Bess and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Comet just turned 8 months old, and he's 55 lbs, tall and slender and super fluffy! He loves to fetch and play in the ocean. He's very social, loves people and other dogs. He's super sweet and gentle and has a very mellow (but playful) personality. Thank you so much for such an amazing dog. He's the perfect addition to our family. We couldn't be happier!"


  • Theo (Goldendoodle - Chili and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Theo is now 5 months old & the highlight of our lives. He is so loving & playful especially with other dogs & children! He has been in puppy school for 2 weeks now & is the star student! I plan on continuing his training to become a service dog. My goal is to be able to take him to local hospitals including CHKD to visit with sick children & patients. He absolutely adores kids & I know he will just love it. He should be fully certified by 1 year old. His fur coat is the softest fur ever and his coloring is like no other. I get compliments every single time he comes out of the house with me! Even on walks around the neighborhood people come outside their homes to see him! He is everything I could ever want in a puppy. We cannot thank you, Chili & Rory enough for giving us this perfect baby boy!"

    Emilee and Ryan

  • Ranger (Bernedoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Hi everyone, This is Ranger! I was boy Orange up to April fools day of 2017. Then I chose my new pack The Harris's from NC. I just luv eating, playing in the mud and driving some of my pack mates crazy, especially Chopper (Goldendoodle)."

    Stephen H

  • Idgie (Goldendoodle - Chili and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We bought a goldendoodle from you last year, and she turned a year old today! She was the female turquoise puppy from Chili Pepper's first litter. We named her Idgie, from the book/movie Fried Green Tomatoes. She loves people, other animals, children, long walks, bicycling, and any type of fetch! We currently have her in dog therapy training in hopes that she will be a therapy dog at the hospital where we both work. She has brought a lot of joy to our lives the past year, and we look forward to many years to come. Below is a picture of her when she was a puppy, and of a picture I took of her today."

    Kelly B

  • Lady (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We really could not have been happier with the whole process of getting our puppy. This was our first time getting a puppy and really didn't know what to expect. You were all so friendly and gave us such great information. We were very relaxed with the entire process. Well, she did great on the way home. She adjusted very quickly in our home with three young children. She is about 45 pounds now at 8 months old, but looks much bigger with all her fur. When we take her out people always stop and comment on her beauty or to ask us what breed she is. She is really beautiful. Her behavior is amazing as well. She is gentle and loving. She is always by my side or my feet while I'm typing this. She is relaxed when we need her to be, but can also be very playful with us and the children. She loves playing fetch and chasing birds. We can't thank you enough for all that you did and for giving us our sweet Lady."

    Jackie H and Family (West Chester, PA)

  • Rooney (Goldendoodle - Adelle and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We are in love with Rooney and can't imagine life without him. From day one he has been the sweetest, cuddliest, most social puppy. He loves kids, dogs, and we are still waiting for his cat sibling to come around. I'm sure that Rooney will love the cat too! We started crate training immediately and command training with him at 12 weeks. He is so smart and it made for an easy transition to our home. His nickname is "Nature Boy" as he loves to be outside with nature. He has been a wonderful addition to our family."

    Beth K

  • Khaleesi (Bernedoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Khaleesi is almost 6 months old and shes been amazing! She weighs 45 pounds and her coat has really awesome colors. As you can see in one of the pix, she completely changed from black to brown :) Her personality is really funny, she can get a little crazy at times when she really wants to play, but once we give her the attention and exercise she will sleep like a log. She learned tons of tricks by 10 weeks, (2 weeks after got her) and she is very receptive to training. She's an amazing dog! Thank you so much!"

    Ryan and Shannon K

  • Molly (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    ". We got Molly (hot pink girl) from the Eesey and Willy liter. We picked up her almost a year ago on July 9th. We have loved having Molly and she brings such joy to our family. She is about 65 pounds and thinks she's a lap dog. She loves to constantly be near us. Molly can be a big fluff ball but also looks adorable shaved. She absolutely LOVES water!! She isn't the best swimmer, her butt sinks, but she leaps right into the pool. She also loves to play fetch. We get many compliments on how cute she is. Thanks again for our amazing pup!"

    Amanda B

  • George (Bernedoodle - Yeeva and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Here is George (Boy Red) from Yeeva's litter at 5 months old. He just had his first haircut today. Now we call him Gorgeous George. He weighs about 38 pounds now (probably less after his haircut!). He is really doing great. Fully trained and very very smart. George is really special!"

    Joyce E

  • Arabel (Goldendoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We went to our vet this morning for Arabel's second set of immunization shots. Our vet was very pleased with her appearance, growth and physical condition. Arabel continues to be the family darling, and is coming along well with housebreaking and primary commands. Her personality is developing and she is more "ladylike" than our English Bulldog, Maggie. Indeed, they play rough and tumble together but how they interact with us humans couldn't be more different. Arabel is definitely friendly but likes her space and at times can be aloof. She wants to be with us and follows, especially me, from room to room. She is quite the cuddler with our daughter, Audrey, but treats her as a peer. With me she will play tug of war for an hour at a time. Then we launch into a primary training session when she's spent enough energy to focus on her "home schooling". She sleeps through the night and takes 3-4 short naps through the day. She almost voluntarily goes into her crate to nap, but not as voluntarily as she rings her bells to be let outside."

    Janet J

  • Todd (Bernedoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I hope you're doing well! Just wanted to share a pick of Todd with you. He's 5 months and roughly 45 lbs. he's a big boy. He's so loving and rambunctious! Thanks for breeding amazing puppies. He's a sweetheart. I'll send you more pictures as he grows."

    Nazanin C

  • Sammy (F1B Irish Doodle - Bailey and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We picked Sammy up on 1/28/17 (Rory & Bailey). She was a small female from your 11/30/16 litter. We traveled 5 hours home with her with NO problems at all after picking her up. We immediately started on crate training and stuck with it from day one. We have 3 young children at home. Our daughter is 5 and we have twin boys who turned two in January. I'm not sure who loves who more. Sammy loves the kids and the kids love Sammy. Now that she is house trained she takes turns sleeping with the kids. You never know what bed she will be in each morning. She is the Absolute smartest dog I've ever seen and has a wonderful nature about her. Also, whereever we go she is the main topic of conversation. Everyone wants to know about her and where we got her. They love the color, the soft coat and the fact that she does not shed. We took her to a local Church a couple weeks back as they were having their annual Pet Blessing. A local news crew was there and she ending up on the local nightly news getting her blessing. Thanks for the Great addition to our family. We could not be happier with our puppy."

    Donnie S

  • Toasty (F1B Irish Doodle - Cassidy and Redmond)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Toasty is doing so well. He is very much loved by everyone in our neighborhood. People always ask us, what type of dog Is he? And we get tons of compliments ALL the time and I mean ALL the time. People love his color and personality. We are in love with him, he is SO easy going, and honestly to be a 5 months puppy he is SO well behaved. I wanted to share a pic of him now that he is 40 pounds! He looks a lot like Rory!"

    Rosita P

  • Otis (F1B Irish Doodle - Cassidy and Redmond)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We absolutely love and adore him! Otis has a lot of energy, all the time. He loves being outdoors and has a very adventurous spirit. He has trained pretty well- sit, paw, lay came very easily. We're still working on "come" when we are outside. Otis' hair has become quite curly and still very red (he actually has a few random grey hairs on his back too). Otis is very friendly and wants to play with anyone or anything at all times. He is great with other dogs and children. He is a very loving dog. He still snuggles on our laps and loves to be with us. He has serious "FOMO" (fear of missing out) whenever we leave him - he'll bark at the window initially. He no longer needs to be crate trained, he's able to be in the house during the work day without getting into any mischief. He's tall, 50 pounds currently with long legs, and is very skinny-although he has a healthy appetite. We absolutely love him. He has a great temperament and personality."

    Mike P

  • Ruby (F1B Irish Doodle - Cassidy and Redmond)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Ruby is everything we could've hoped for! She is 50 lbs right now and very tall. Her color is a gorgeous red, she is super soft and very curly. She is extremely lovable and does not like to be separated from us. She potty trained very quickly, by 12 weeks old she was fully trained with minimal accidents while training. We did puppy kindergarten and she learned basic commands easily. We have young children and she is very tolerable and not bothered by them at all. She is quite mouthy but in a playful way and we are currently working on that. She is a fabulous walking companion and is great with other dogs. She loves to play fetch and we are blown away by her speed. She is very excited when meeting new people and because of her size it can be overwhelming but she calms down pretty quickly. She has been groomed twice and both times I got rave reviews about how wonderful she was. People comment all the time at how pretty she is."

    Kelly R

  • Hazel (F1B Irish Doodle - Cassidy and Redmond)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "The review about Ruby might as well be written about our Hazel (green string)!! Gorgeous red color, easy potty training, tolerant of our youngs kids, mouthy, excited to meet new people, sensitive stomach (we switched from Fromm to Nature's Balance), and loved by the groomer. Even the pic is a spitting image of Hazel. Although Hazel is tall enough, she would never steal food from the counter. She will just put her nose to the counter and take in the smells!"

    Kirk S

  • Ollie (Bernedoodle )

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Ollie turned a year old this week. He's 88 pounds and definitely the funniest dog we've ever had. He loves to get our attention by running off with personal items but also frying pans, banana breads, and TV remote controls. He just wants to play and be loved and we do love this guy!"

    Pete A

  • Bodie(Goldendoodle - Bess and Kubby)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Bodie is such an amazing dog and our lives are so much better with him in it! He has an amazing temperament, was very quick/easy to train, and continues to charm everyone he meets! Our 65lb ball of fluff gets along with every dog/person he meets and loves cuddling with his family! We continue to be stopped by admirers on our walks around town and we always sing the praises of McKenzie Doodles! :-) This past October, Bodie added the title of "big brother" to his resume, and has been wonderful with the new addition to our family. Although a little shy at first, he warmed right up to his baby brother and now doesn't want to leave his side! We are thankful for Bodie every single day and are just waiting for a bigger house until we can welcome another McKenzie Doodle into our family!"

    Brianne C.

  • Stanley(Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willow)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We got a puppy Bernedoodle in February from the Eesey litter. I wanted to pass along a few pics because we CONSTANTLY get told how good looking he is. People love to see him and always ask what breed he is. He's doing pretty well overall aside from normal puppy behaviors we are working through."

    Chris J.

  • Cleo(Irish Doodle - Willow and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "This is Cleo, the Wonder Dog. She is a year old, long legged, 55 pounds and full of fun. She has had no health problems at all. She had long curly hair that we now keep trimmed in a puppy cut. At least in these early months of her life, she's been craving plenty of exercise and the company of other dogs, she runs/plays off leash every morning for over an hour every day, and goes to day care from 12-5 every weekday where she plays with other dogs. We also give her two short walks in the evening. On weekends, we are sure to get her out for a long hike, no matter what the weather. When she is not running around with us or her dog pals, she likes to keep me or my husband in view, preferring to rest in a room where we are working. She's not a cuddly dog but very social, she likes being a regular loyal presence. She is super friendly and has a tail wag for every human and nearly every dog. Her lovely color and great temperament have made her a bit of a celebrity in the neighborhood. She is alert and smart, and, given enough exercise, not hyper just kind of curious. She has good recall, will come and sit. She's keen to do what we ask (as long as she understands it). Loves pretty much everything, walking, running, fetching, riding in the car, old people, kids, etc. In the year we've had her, I've never seen her act aggressively. She is bringing us a great deal of joy and we are grateful we got to be be Cleo's humans!"

    Peg and Peter

  • Hazel(Bernedoodle - Yeeva and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Hazel is doing wonderfully and we can't get enough of her. She's probably about 60 lbs. she loves people, dogs, kids - she doesn't seem to have a mean or aggressive bone in her body! She is incredibly social at the dog park and a total cuddle bug. And, we just finished puppy obedience class, where she ranked number one! She knows basic commands (sit, lie down, paw, come) and is very treat-motivated. She loves her toys but we got really, really lucky and she never really got into a chewing phase. Long story short, we are smitten with her! We are so happy to have her in our life!"

    Erica D

  • Rudy (Goldendoodle - Chili-Pepper and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Rudy with my friends daughter next door. She loves to play with Rudy and take him for walks. He adores her as well. I just loved this picture of them as it looks like Rudy is smiling."

    Patti F

  • Penny (Goldendoodle - Blythe and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "My husband, boys and I picked out a beautiful, curly redheaded girl from Blythe and Rory's litter. We named her Penny and she has adapted well into our family of two boys and one cat. She is sweet, smart and loves snuggling just as much as playing. We could not have asked for a better dog."

    Liz H

  • Honey (Goldendoodle - Blythe and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We picked out girl yellow, the smallest of the bunch. My three kids named her Honey, and she is doing great. She is a voracious eater, loves her dog food and chew toys, and now weighs just under 20lbs. She loves playing in the snow and romping through the trees and chasing soccer balls in the backyard. We are surrounded by dogs in our neighborhood and Honey is making fast friends."

    Lisa H

  • Red (Goldendoodle - Nelly and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I bought a puppy recently from Nelly and Rory's litter and oh my goodness. I've never loved a dog as much as I love this little guy. He is SO incredibly sweet and affectionate, plus clumsy and silly. He has brought much joy to our home in the short time we've had him. Upon taking "Red" to the vet, our vet warned us every puppy she sees has worms from being in the litter and being passed down from mom. Not our dog :) The vet was impressed with the health of our dog. I cannot thank you enough for working so patiently with me to find the right dog."

    Kara W

  • Rudy (Goldendoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Rudy is doing awesome! This is my middle child and him. They are inseparable! We've got nothing but compliments from vets and a groomer!"

    Justin W

  • Rocky (Goldendoodle - Chili and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I just wanted to write and give you an update on "boy orange," a.k.a., Rocky. He is from Chili and Rory's first litter and he blessed our home and our lives approximately five weeks ago. We can't begin to express how much happiness and joy he has brought our entire family. He is absolutely the best puppy in the world and we are so blessed to call him ours. He is such a great boy and everyone is immediately impressed by his calm and sweet demeanor. Even our vet says it's like an adult dog trapped in a puppy's body. He is growing quickly and is already 21 pounds at 14 weeks. He's also doing great with his training. We are in love with our boy!"

    Ellie R

  • Keaton (Irish Doodle - Willow and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    This is Keaton. He was the red puppy in the May litter of willow and Rory. We got our first snow last night and he loves it! "Catching snowballs..."

    Renee M

  • Bernie (Bernedoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Thanks for the Bernedoodle we picked up from you on July 9th! Bernie is a very sweet pup! Happy new year!"

    Matt B

  • Animal (Goldendoodle - Bess and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I wanted to send you a little update about one of the pups from the Rory and Bess litter. Animal (named after the muppet drummer) is doing amazingly! He is a happy-go-lucky boy, who has brought us so much joy. He is very smart and well-behaved. Thank you so much for raising such sweet puppies."

    Jane and Ben

  • Copper (Goldendoodle - Chili and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We are delighted with the puppy we brought home on November 26th from Chili and Rory's litter! I wanted to let you know that he was the inspiration for a blog post for the company we both work for, and share the link in case you were interested. We both work for a company that makes a copper-infused material for use in hospitals (because copper kills bacteria that can lead to infections). For that reason (and his beautiful color) we named our puppy Copper. Thank you for helping us find the perfect puppy for our family!"

    Here's the post he inspired

    Erica M

  • Oggy (Bernedoodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Hello! I just thought I would update you on our Oggy! He is doing so wonderful! He has captured all of our hearts and is a fantastic "brother" to our girls! He is a spectacular pup! Attached are some pics! He is going to be a big boy! Boy do we love him!"

    Kelly E

  • Teddy (Goldendoodle - Blythe and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We bought Teddy (boy orange) from you. He was the biggest puppy in Blythe and Rory's first litter, born in November 2015. Teddy just turned a year old last month, and he is the best dog ever. He is so sweet and lovable. He always wants to be around people, and is happy to play anytime. He is an impressive 70 pounds, and has the longest legs. When he stands on his hind legs, he is about five feet tall! He thinks he is a lap dog, despite his size, and is ready and willing to snuggle on any available surface. He does have a tendency to eat anything and everything (non-edibles included), but he is so devoted and just plain happy. We just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful dog. Our three daughters adore him, and we can't imagine our family without him now. Even the grandparents spoil him. People often stop us on walks to comment about what a beautiful dog he is. Thank you both so much for such amazing dog. We love him so much!"

    Lindsay R

  • Ralph (Irish Doodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I'm not sure if you remember me, I know you sell a lot of puppies :) , but we have Ralph. He's almost 2 (February 26!) now! I know family dogs are important and I'm sure you'd like to know this to help other families get a wonderful dog, so I wanted to show you how amazing he is with our new baby!!! He absolutely loves the baby and immediately calmed down from his puppy phase once the baby was born. He's so patient, calm, loving, and gentle with the baby!! Hope this can help other families deciding on whether or not to get an Irish doodle! "

    Erin P

  • Fraggle (Irish Doodle - Bree and Mac)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Fraggle has become more than any of our hopes. We can teach a new trick in under 10 minutes, he has there softest no shed spiral curls, we can leave him uncaged over night, run miles quietly by our side on a roadside or mountain trail, and behaves himself whether alone at home or in a crowded park. That is all basic, what has blown us away is his utter comedic personality. He smiles when worried or excited, grabs his leash to go for a walk, grabs a toy and plays games by himself and each day we wonder what new antic he will come up with. Literally, there is nothing we would change about him. We are slated to have him/us be tested and certified on Nov20 with Therapy Dogs International (TDI and canine good citizen) to obtain membership which allows us to volunteer in hospitals and with kids. I certified our other dog and expect no issue with Fraggle. He will bring so many smiles and comfort, I can't wait! Once he gets his TDI card and bandana, I will send pictures so you can use on your website if you wish. He can jump a 3-4ft block without pause and I hope to have my 10 year old do an Agility club with him. Again, I will send pictures as confirmation and for your promotional purposes. Wherever we go (I mean, anywhere and everywhere. ) we get approached over his behavior, big size and prancy gaited muppet look. Twice I was approached over potentially breeding him, even before he hit a year! One from a local doodle breeder and the other from a friend who simply loved him and breeds other dogs. His personality and looks are that fetching. Thank you for giving us what my friends lovingly refer to as "the dog in a dog suit"!"

    View Fraggle's Instagram Account!


  • Ollie (Goldendoodle - Bess and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I wanted to send you a pic of Ollie, from Bess and Rory's May litter. He's all ready for Halloween! ;) I just had to tell you how obsessively in love I am with him! He is so sweet and funny, and it's unbelievable how good he is for a 5 month old puppy. We just adore him! I know you like to get updates so thought I would share! Thank you for Ollie... He's the best!!"

    Linda L

  • Wally (Irish Doodle - Willow and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We might be biased, but we think he's really the perfect dog! He's super sweet and loving, but not overly attached, and if he needs his space, will plop his butt in his bed, while still staying in the same room as us. He's learning to fetch, and LOVES peanut butter and ice cubes. He also loves sleeping on our bathroom tile, as I think with his fluffy coat he tends to run a little warmer than us. I take him to the dog park whenever I can, and he gets along so well with the other dogs, although sometimes can get overwhelmed when there are too many, and will come running to mom until he works up the courage again to play. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful and adorable dog. We get stopped all the time by people asking what kind of dog he is, and they ALWAYS comment how soft his coat is and ask us where we got him and we always tell them go to McKenzie's Doodles!!! He is still as soft as the day we picked him up, and doesn't shed one bit! Here are some pictures of our baby - isn't he adorable??"

    View Wally's Instagram Account!

    Jess H

  • Hershey (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Hershey is doing really well. Every day he is growing more confident,and cheeky! But he's still fairly chilled out. People stop us all the time, and it takes forever to walk down the high street now! But he's really good with meeting new people, as long as the don't mind being nibled. Tehya is doing really well, she's still unsure of him in the house but will happily take him for a walk. It's because he jumps up when he gets excited and obviously being such a big puppy it can be a bit scary. Lucas is really taking on the responsibility of having a dog and helping with the training and making sure he has water and his toys. Training is ok, when he knows I have treats!"

    Alexandra R from the United Kingdom

  • Bailey (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I just wanted to update you on our baby bailey! She is quite popular on instagram as Bailey the Bernedoodle + we have even found some of her liter mates thanks to the social media site! We are even trying to plan a 1 year birthday party! Bailey is such a wonderful dog! She is the most gentle, fun loving + well behaved puppy that we have ever had! Although she thinks she is about 25 pounds smaller than she actually is, she is so much fun! She is the greatest XL lap dog we could ask for! We take her just about everywhere with us + she is extremely sociable with everyone she meets. She is agile, + loves to play (as long as a nap can immediately follow!). We cannot thank you enough for breeding not only beautiful, but smart + lovable dogs like Bailey! She is a joy + everyone she meets wants to learn more about her breed! I would strongly recommend anyone to you + encourage people to research the breed because they make incredible family members! :)"

    View Bailey's Instagram Account!

    Kaitlin M

  • Ellie (Goldendoodles - Adelle and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Ellie is a great pup! I can honestly say that she came home potty trained and rang the bell immediately. In addition, she slept through the night without crying and would let me sleep in! I get so many compliments on her personality and coloring. I've had people pull over in their cars to pet and see her. My friends joke that she is a berniedoodle. I couldn't ask for a better pup!"

    Kristin L

  • Jasper (Goldendoodles - Adelle and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We say choosing Jasper (boy red) was the hardest decision our family has had to make. Adele and Willy make gorgeous puppies! Since day 1 he has been super sweet, friendly and extremely intelligent. He loves absolutely everyone and everything and just can't understand why the bunnies and squirrels won't play with him. He has so much personality, he's always smiling and winking and enjoys tricking us by pretending to be sleeping. He's learned several tricks and has been relatively easy to train. We are madly in love with our newest family member and know we made the right choice with McKenzie's Doodles!"

    Amanda P

  • Murphy (Goldendoodles - Adelle and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Murphy (Boy Blue) has been such a fantastic addition to our family! He's fun-loving, patient, and intelligent. He has the perfect disposition for our three young children. We're absolutely thrilled with his unique coloring. When we take him for walks, people stop in their tracks to comment on how gorgeous he is. Thanks!"

    Melinda M

  • Ripley (Irish Doodles)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Ripley is 9 months old and weighs 55 lbs. She gets along so well with our 5 year old Goldendoodle, Reuben. She is the only Irish Doodle at our vet and at her daycare. Everyone just loves her and wants to know what she is and we always tell them that she is an Irish Doodle, and we drove all the way to Winchester, VA to get her at Mckenzie's Doodles! She is the only Irish Doodle that we have seen in Nashville, TN. She is so smart, sweet and funny. We just love her."

    Heather & Ann

  • Ollie (Bernedoodles)

    Bernedoodle photo

    "Ollie has doubled in size since we met him! We adore him, and he is becoming such a part of our family! He is healthy and happy."

    Debbie and Pete A

  • Daisy (Irish Doodles)

    Irish Doodle photo

    "This is Daisy! We got puppy blue from Maggie and Rory. We all LOVE her so much!!!! She's the very best ~ smart, sweet and precious. We've given many people your name because every place we take her, people of course love her and ask where we got her. I hope some of them have found you!"

    Daphne A

  • Lilly and Pearl (Goldendoodles)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I thought you might enjoy this picture of Pearl/Torrie's pup and the new little one Lilly/ Bess' pup. They are getting along famously, I enjoy watching them play they are so sweet together! Lilly has mastered the steps already, I was amazed! She has quite the personality and she sleeps all night! Thanks again for a great pups!"

    Lynn C

  • Phoenix (Goldendoodle - Adelle and Kubby)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Just wanted to give an update on our Phoenix. She is a Goldendoodle from Adelle. She turned 1 year in April, and she is finally starting to calm down from her puppy stage. She is super smart and so gorgeous. We get compliments on her wherever we go. She plays well with our three children and helps my oldest when he is overwhelmed with life. She does enjoy mud a bit too much for my taste, but so do my kids, so she fits in nicely. :) She has her favorite 'stuffy' which she cuddles and takes care of. She follows me around the house and lays at my feet. She has become a part of our family and we are so happy to have her. "


  • Doodle (Goldendoodle - Gracie and Heston)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We took home one of your Goldendoodle puppies Labor Day weekend 2013. You probably don't remember my husband and I, but we had only been married a few months and I was 10 weeks pregnant when we added the puppy to our family. We named him Doodle. His parents were Gracie and Heston. Well I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how Doodle was doing. He turned 3 years old yesterday. Doodle is a great dog! Very smart (maybe too smart!), wonderful with the kids (we have a 2 year old and 8 month old now), and is a great watch dog. He is a big boy, weighing in at almost 80lbs. His fur is wavy, but we keep it cut short (cooler for him and safer since the baby loves to pet him). Everyone loves him!"

    Jacquelyn and Tom P

  • Rory (Goldendoodle - Blythe and Rory)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I recall you mentioning that you'd love to see some photos of Rory (from your Blythe/Rory litter). He is the cutest, sweetest dog we've ever met! We love him!!

    And he was featured on Good Housekeeping! - View the Article"

    Robin W.

  • Dudley (Irish Doodle - Megan and Rory)

    McKenzie's Doodles Review

    "Our Dudley (Irish doodle from Megan / Rory) is just over 7 months and he is the most amazing puppy we could have asked for. My wife is already suggesting we think about getting a second puppy in a year or so because she wants Dudley to have someone to play with besides just us. He literally loves every other dog and person he meets and is so gentle with children (we are expecting a baby boy in September!). We run him around all the time and he is just such an amazing addition to our family."

    Sherwin P.

  • Rory (Irish Doodle)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Rory is almost 17 weeks. He's about 26 pounds. He is a super sweetheart. He LOVES other dogs, people, and is pretty great with children...sometimes he just thinks they are a toy ;) He did really good with my 9 month old niece. Thanks again for letting me take Rory home with me. He's been such a joy :)"

    Sarah M.

  • Murphy and Maggie (Irish Doodles)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I wanted to send you an update on our amazing pups. We have Murphy (Maggie/Mac) who's 9 months and Maggie (Maggie/Rory) who's 3 months old. I flew from Kansas City 2 times to get them and boy was it worth it!!!!! They are the best dogs I've ever had for sure. Easy to train, great with my kids and just adorable. Murphy is a HUGE (60lbs already) goofball with great personality. Maggie is a small sweet gentle girl. They love each (and fight) some just like siblings! They walk or run 2 miles every night with me and we get stopped constantly with people saying how gorgeous and obedient they are. Wanting to know what kind of dogs they are and how they can get one...they actually sit when people stop us to let them pet them!! What hams!!! They are so perfect for our family I can't thank you enough. If I had more time and room, I'd get more!!!! Oh.....and absolutely NO SHEDDING!!!"

    The Winkley's from Kansas City

  • Barnabas (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Here's a recent picture of Barnabas. He's doing wonderful. He's such a happy fella, and smart. He knows how to pull on the bells to open the door to go potty and when he's thirsty he goes upstairs turns on the faucet in the tub to get a drink, lol. He loves water!!! I hope all is well with the other Bernadoodles. Thank you for our amazing Barnabas. He's about 55 lbs, going to be a big guy."

    Kristen J

  • River (Bernedoodle - Eesey and Willy)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "River is perfect. We are so happy with him. He's 65 pounds at 6 months. And a fluff ball. He has the poodle coat except for his underside and hasn't shed a hair. He is super smart and learns very fast. He loves my small kids and seeks out my crazy 5 year old for 'cuddles' that would annoy the heck out of some dogs. Babies climb on him, he lays there and loves it. He will do commands for even the littlest kiddos...they love being able to tell someone else what to do :). He loves swimming. We went kayaking and he climbed right on and went with us. He is great around our horses...I guess my point is he's one easy going dog, nothing seems to bother him :)."

    Rachel A

  • Ziggy (Maggie and Kubby)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Just wanted to send you an update on Ziggy, who was in Maggie and Kuby's April 2014 litter - so he just turned 2. He is such a wonderful dog - I couldn't have asked for a better companion. He has endless energy for running/ hiking/ playing with his friends, but yet he has a completely calm demeanor. I often get stopped on the street by people asking what kind of dog he is or telling me how cute he is and then they are taken by his calmness and can't believe he is only two. He is the perfect dog for children to pet/interact with because he doesn't lick or jump, just sniffs them and gives them a little bump w/ his muzzle. He loves doing anything in the woods, and has just discovered chasing ducks in the water (to my dismay - as he doesn't always listen when on the chase). He is great with other dogs and people. He is not much of a cuddler - in fact the only person he cuddles with for extended periods is my nephew with special needs - it is amazingly sweet and wonderful for both of them. But yet he is extremely loyal and always wants to be near me. I really can't express in words how wonderful this animal is and the joy he has brought to me and my family!"

    Sara R

  • Finnegan (Megan and Mac)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "My husband and I purchased our puppy (boy blue) last June from the Megan/Mac litter that were born on April 12th. We live in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. We cannot imagine our lives without Finnegan! He is so sweet. He loves playing with other dogs, playing fetch, playing tug of war, and gathering sticks. He became a big brother in November when Chris and I welcomed our daughter. Finnegan has been so kind and gentle to his little sister. He lays next to her when she is playing on her activity mat. Often, we find him sleeping in her nursery when she is napping in her crib. Finnegan is quite a celebrity in town. We are constantly stopped by people to ask about our dog. Walks generally take double the time they should because we are constantly answering questions about Finn and letting people pet him. People have even stopped us to take his picture. He loves the attention :) Our dog walker even left us notes to tell us how handsome he is: she compares him to James Bond - handsome and sporty. Finnegan is so smart! A few weeks before his first birthday he passed his canine for good citizenship test. We are so proud of him. Thank you so very much for breeding such an amazing dog. We are absolutely in love with him!"

    Heather L

  • Miss Gracie

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Here is our precious Miss Gracie's 2nd birthday picture for you to see. She is an amazing, bright, and gentle little dog. She is so special to us and has brought us such joy!!! We love her curious and outgoing personality, but she has a very shy and loving side as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for breeding this adorable little girl of ours. She weighs just at 60 pounds - just what we hoped for. Please know that she is a beloved part of our family!"

    Donna and Jesse (Lewisburg WV)

  • Harper (Megan and Mac)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Our Irish doodle Harper may have just turned 2, but there is nothing "terrible" about her except that she's terribly cute, sweet, loving, friendly and fun-loving. We can't imagine our lives without her. (Megan/Mac litter born 4/14). Thanks again!"

    Stacie and Tod (Doylestown PA)

  • Murphy (Gracie and Kubby)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "This is our beautiful 78-pound Murphy who turns 1 year old this month! He's a joy and a sweetie pie and oh so smart! The biggest heart and he loves everyone. . .and of course everyone loves him. He still goes to doggy camp every day, but can't wait to get home and tell us all about his day. He's had a busy 1st year...sailing, traveling and making lots of new friends. We feel very fortunate that he's had a healthy, stress free life so far. Can't say thank you enough, Susan, for our big, handsome guy...ps the vet says he's not finished growing!"

    Nancy J

  • Oakely

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I wanted to send you an email to share with you the joy our dog Oakley has brought to our family and friends. We purchased Oakley from you in 2011. He was one of 3 older puppies you had left over from a litter that wasn't sold. When my boyfriend (now husband) and I came to visit you two of the puppies ran off near the shed playing together and Oakley stayed close to meet us. He essentially "picked us". For the past couple years, my dad has been "sharing custody" of Oakley with us. My dad owns his own businesses a trucking company and a farm. So Oakley is much happier with him during the week while my husband and I are at work all day. We get to enjoy his company on the weekends when we are home. Oakley literally goes everywhere with my dad during the week. He greets all my dad's truck drivers in the early morning when they come to work and he stands guard in the office during the day. My dad has major hearing loss and Oakley alerts him whenever someone pulls up at the business. When new visitors come, they are greeted by cautious Oakley that lets them know he's there to protect the female office manager and my dad until they call him down. Never biting, just making his presence known and standing his ground like a good guard dog. The ladies at the bank let Oakley come inside so they can love on him. The groomer he goes to has been in business for 10 years and says that Oakley is the best dog they have ever encountered. He will literally go from the bathing station to the drying station to the crate on command and they don't bother shutting the crate door. Even with the other dogs as distractions, Oakley stays in the crate with the door open waiting patiently for my dad to return to pick him up. We have many wonderful memories with Oakley over the years....The story that prompted me to send you this email happened yesterday. We have a close family friend (Ellen) that keeps Oakley when my father and I both are out of town. Ellen kept Oakley for us last weekend and then delayed returning him until Thursday because she wanted to spend more time with him. Ellen's mother Thelma is in her 80's and loves having Oakley around too. I spoke with Thelma before the weekend... I said "you get to keep Oakley this weekend". Thelma said, "I'm lucky!" and grinned from ear-to-ear. Thelma had a stroke Monday a few days after keeping Oakley for her last time. Thelma is in the ICU now at the hospital and is fading fast. My dad went to the hospital last night and Ellen needed a break so she came out to the parking garage to visit Oakley. Oakley rides "shotgun" with dad so Ellen got in the driver's seat to say hello. Oakley crossed over the console and sat on her lap. He put his head on her chest and put his left paw on her shoulder. Ellen instantly burst into tears. Oakley could sense her pain and wanted to console her aching heart. Our family, our friends and the community all love Oakley. Thank you for providing him to our family."

    Kristin G

  • Mindy (Gracie and Heston)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Mindy was born 1 yr ago tomorrow. Her mom was Gracie. She is a great companion. Just wanted to fulfill a promise that I would send you a pic when she was one. She weighs about 65 pounds."

    Ron B

  • Molly

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! Molly has been a perfect addition to our family. Phenomenal personality, smart as a whip, and truly a joy to be around. Could not be more happy with her...thank you so much!"

    Pete and Cheryl

  • Puppy (Delaney and Mac)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Just a quick note to thank you for this amazing little (or not so little) pup! He's settling in wonderfully, and we couldn't love him more!"

    Amanda S

  • Fraggle

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I have to keep reminding myself this puppy is only 8 weeks. He is so responsive and intelligent and willing that when he has an accident I have to remind myself about not getting frustrated - he is the smallest of puppies developmentally right now! hahaha. He has signaled a few times he has to go out by sitting at the door, he has learned to be gentle with the kids and rough with the parents. He sits calmly while figuring out any concerning situation and already recognizes his kennel is "safe" and runs there for a nap or when he doesn't want to share his toy with the kids or our other dog. Hilarious! I have also been surprised by how well adjusted he is. We have what equates to a co-sleeping situation next to our bed - where he cannot get out but he can jump up, paws on bed, to see us. He periodically jumps up, gives a lick and goes back to sleep without a fuss - wish I had thought of this before with our other dog! He has so far been living up to everything we wanted in our next dog, with vastly more intelligence than expected. We would have been very happy with a thick-headed playful, loving dog and struck gold instead with an Irish Doodle who is quick-witted to boot. Such a charmer!"

    Nicole R

  • Harper

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I just wanted to send you a picture of our sweet Harper from our family photos back in early November. We can not tell you how much joy he has brought to our life already. He is such a well behaved puppy and has just the best temperament we have ever seen. At his 4 month vet visit he weighed in at 38 pounds. They think that he could easily reach close to 70 pounds!! "

    Melissa W

  • Manchester Maggie (Willow and Mac)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I just wanted to share a couple photos of my Maggie. She is one of the 2 females born in Willow and Mac's February litter. She is extremely well behaved and smart. She is a joy and gets along with my Bella so well. She was 50 lbs at 7 months and has now been spayed. She loves water and will jump into the tub if I tell her it is bath time."

    Susan G

  • Gryffin (Megan and Mac)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I bought an Irish Doodle puppy from you in June of 2014. I wanted to thank you for giving me such a wonderful puppy. Gryffin truly is the best thing that ever happened to my husband and I. He is a wonderful dog and we love him so much. He was from the Megan/Mac litter born in April of 2014. Gryffin is a straight haired Irish doodle and so beautiful. I'm attaching a couple of pics for you to see what a beautiful dog he is!! Thanks again for our baby."

    Navita K

  • Buster

    Goldendoodle photo

    "I remember you saying you wanted a one year picture of Buster so I thought I would send you one from his birthday! Buster has been an AMAZING addition to our family. He is so loving and sweet and everyone who sees and meets him falls in love with him. Thank you again"

    Liz M

  • Finley

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Our Finley is 18 months old now. Wanted to let you know how in love with him and happy he is. He lives on a lake that is 22 miles long and is free to roam. He loves the outside, the snow, the water, people in general, but most of all, other dogs. He lives to play. That said, we are living in our RV in Florida for four months, and a better companion could never be found. He travels all day with one or two stops. Remembers leash behavior and LOVES the dog park. After the loss of our goldendoodle to cancer, I didn't think I could love another dog so much. He has proven me wrong. Thank you, McKenzie's Doodles for providing us with the highlight to our day."

    Susan R

  • Lexi

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Lexi's brought a tremendous amount of joy and laughter to our house. So much so, it's hard to remember what life was like before her. We can t thank you enough. She's fantastic with the kids and loves to snuggle. We still can't get over the fact that she doesn't shed. In fact, we love her coat so much we can't bring ourselves to have her groomed. It won t be too much longer though. I should also tell you that as happy as she's made us, our German Shepherd (Oden) has been ecstatic. He took the loss of our other Shepherd really hard. He desperately needed a purpose and Lexi gave him that and more. They play all the time and he's always looking out for her. Thank you again for everything."

    Ryan and Jennifer

  • Daisy (Adelle and Kubby)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Susan,thought I'd share a couple of pictures of Daisy, born 9/24/14. I believe she was the runt of the litter. She has been an unbelievable dog. We ve owned a lot of dogs, and we ve had some wonderful companions over many years. But my wife and I always exclaim, Daisy is the best dog ever, by far, hands down. She has such a great and well-balanced temperament. She's so friendly, well behaved. She's just perfect."


  • Charlie

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We love our Goldendoodle Charlie! He is the best family dog ever! He gets along wonderfully with our two young daughters. He is 7 months old and extremely gentle, loving, and was surprisingly easy to train. Sue and Jim are very knowledgable and went above and beyond to help us pick the perfect addition to our family. I and both of my daughters have allergies and asthma and we haven't had any problems with Charlie. We highly recommend McKenzie's Doodles!"


  • Charlotte Purple (Sophia and Heston)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We were lucky enough to bring home 'Girl Purple' from Sophie and Heston's litter, born last April. We named the puppy Charlotte Purple (aka Charlie) and she has been an absolute delight. The whole family loves her to bits and we can't imagine life without her. I thought you would appreciate some photos of Charlie around her first birthday."


  • Helly (Maggie and Kubby)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Our hearts overflow with affection and adoration for our gorgeous bundle of fur, Helly, from Maggie and Kubby's April 2014 litter. Words cannot express the abundance of love, happiness, and gratitude we have felt since bringing Helly home. She is now 6 months old and continues to charm us with her amazing personality.Helly is such an affectionate, intelligent, loyal, photogenic, and incredibly well adjusted puppy. Her inquisitive, yet placid, temperament continually amazes us, our family, and friends. Helly even receives daily praises from strangers that she is the sweetest and most adorable dog they have ever seen. People actually ask if she is real, as she looks like a teddy bear. And her beautiful cinnamon-colored coat continues to grow more curly and soft. It is an absolute credit to you that we are able to have our precious Helly. Everyone asks where we got her and we happily tell them all about McKenzie Doodles and how wonderful you have been. Thank you so much for everything. We feel so fortunate to have the perfect puppy and find it difficult to remember our life without her!"

    Tiffany & Emily

  • Rory (Megan and Mac)

    Irish Doodle Testimonial for McKenzie's Doodles

    "Rory is our adventurous, loving, and playful Irish Doodle. Born in September 2013 to Megan and Mac, Rory has been the best dog we could have ever hoped for. Hands down. Rory is daring, fun, and full of energy when we are roaming the woods, fields, and streams on the weekends. At the same time he is a calm, gentle, and respectful dog at home in the city during the week. Moreover, Rory is great with other dogs and kids alike. Expressive and smart, Rory is truly one of a kind, and I don't think I've ever seen another dog receive so many compliments on the streets and at the dog park. Thanks, Sue!"

    K & C

  • Charlie (Megan and Mac)

    Irish Doodle Testimonial for McKenzie's Doodles

    "We bought our dog Charlie, the Irish Doodle from you a year ago. We just love him. He was one of the smaller ones, and now weighs right at 50lbs, but has very long legs. He is such a character. He's very smart and has been getting along with our new baby. I found out I was pregnant the weekend we picked him up. We never really had any problems with him chewing things up. He does like to run so we go every morning and sometimes at night too depending on the weather. He can be a little stubborn sometimes, probably because he is so smart. He is just great. We get compliments on him constantly! His dad is Mac and his mom is Megan. He was born April 24th, 2014. Thanks again. We just love our Charlie!"

    Tami S.

  • Seamus

    Goldendoodle photo

    "We just wanted to send a picture of Seamus. He turned one in September. He's doing great and has been awesome with the kids. He was from the litter that was picked up on November 2nd of last year."


  • Jester

    Goldendoodle Testimony for Mckenzies Doodles

    "Jester is everything you said he would be. He's smart, attentive, cuddly, playful. Fully housebroken in 2 wks. He enjoys swimming, playing in the snow, chasing geese, playing at the dog park, and watching TV. And he doesn't shed."

    Jill M

  • Ziggy (Maggie and Kubby)

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Just wanted to send you some pics of Ziggy and an update - he was Dayglo Orange puppy from Maggie and Kubby's April litter. He is awesome!!! I have people frequently tell me that he is the cutest dog they have ever seen - and I agree! He is super sweet - a great mix of affectionate, yet independent and so quirky and funny. His favorite thing is other dogs - and he loves them all. He was potty trained within two weeks and slept through the night from the first night! He is already sleeping out of his crate at nights, but seems to like it during the day when I am gone. He doesn't have a vicious bone in his body. He loves hiking and wants to run with every runner that passes - so I am hopeful that when he is old enough, he will be a great running companion to me - as well as a backpacker."


  • Kingston

    Goldendoodle photo

    "Our goldendoodle Kingston just turned one year old. He is the sweetest most loving dog you will ever meet! We always get stopped by people saying how cute he is! I would highly recommend Mckenzie doodles! Sue is so knowledgeable and caring. She was very helpful throughout the whole process of getting our dog. If you choose a goldendoodle from Mckenzie Doodles you will not be dissappointed! "


  • Inara (Megan and Mac)

    Irish Doodle photo

    "Our Inara (from Megan & Mac's litter), now 6.5 months, continues to grow into a fine and bonnie lass. We frequently have cars stop dead in the roadway as drivers turn their heads to look at or ask about her. By all accounts she's daddy's girl---several people have commented on her poodle-like demeanor. She's nearly 50 pounds now and we're projecting 60-65 pounds at maturity based on the growth tables. She must have been a lumberjack in some previous life; on her walks she loves picking up the largest downed branch she can find and hauling it around the neighborhood! She also loves to romp and roll around in the snow; here's a photo of our Abominable Snow Puppy after one recent outing. Take care and thank you for our happy and healthy girl!"

    Kevin & Uma

  • Charlie

    Irish Doodle photo

    "I just wanted to send you a picture of Charlie at her first birthday :) Thank you so much for the wonderful addition to our family!!"

    Rachel and Colin K

  • Sadie

    Irish Doodle photo

    "We love our Sadie!!! She's very laid back and so loved! She goes to work with me everyday and is frankly never alone!"

    Meredith O

  • Dearg

    Irish Doodle photo

    "Dearg is now 6 months old and she has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She has loads of energy, which is great since we live in an area with such access to great walks and parks. For the past couple of months she has enjoyed going to the dog park or the beach on weekends and getting to socialize as well as run around in nature. We go for walks daily throughout our town and she loves exploring new paths. She has brought so much happiness and love to everyone and is constantly stopped on the street by people who want to say hello to the beautiful puppy."

    Aedin and Tim

  • Riley (Maggie and Mac)

    Irish Doodle photo

    "Riley is a magical addition to our family and we are truly blessed to have her. She has improved the quality of our lives and brings us more joy than we can put into words. She enjoys her 3 mile morning walks and has become the neighborhood's favorite dog. She has been to formal training, and although she is extremely bright she also has that stubborn Irish streak. But no worries, she is responsive to all the important commands. What we love about Riley the most is that she is obedient but still maintains that spunky spirit we adore. One of the best compliments she received came from our trainer who deemed Riley "highly breed-able". Riley has all the best qualities! Kudos to Mac and Maggie!!! Riley is completely house trained and is already graduating from the crate!!!

    As you can see, we love our long haired strawberry blond princess. We don't have the heart to trim her as others do but she is brushed and trimmed when necessary. She is a real beauty insider and out. This runt is 45 lbs. already and she could continue to grow. As we mentioned previously, Riley has her Momma's long legs and her Daddy's enormous tongue!!! She never fails to draw attention whether at a Starbucks or at an open air restaurant.

    We want you to know what a wonderful experience working with Mckenzie Doodles has been for us. Both Sue and Jim went to great personal sacrifice to nurture Riley early on and provide a very personal and professional experience. Riley came to us during the holiday season and between the holidays, difficult weather and the Flu, Sue and Jim still managed to get Riley to us. We often discuss getting Riley a playmate and would ONLY WORK WITH MCKENZIE to add to our family. I highly recommend Mckenzie Doodles above all other personal family breeders. Our family is eternally grateful for gifting us with Riley."

    Lori and Mike

  • Barkley

    Irish Doodle Testimonial of Riley

    "This is an exceptional dog. At 10 weeks he sits, lays, and comes on command. He's mostly housebroken. Best of all he's the most affectionate dog we've ever had. Clearly your early work makes for a very social animal. He continues to demonstrate his alpha characteristics, but is lovable...a true Velcro dog...wherever we are, he is. We took a day trip Friday and it went perfectly. We haven't done much work on the leash because he stays with us when we're outside. He's a sweetie. You do an outstanding job with these dogs. Thanks for all you do to produce such remarkable companions, a true member of the family. Just an update: Barkley is almost 50 lbs now...a delightful member of the family! He's full of himself, but a great part of the family! Thanks again for these wonderful animals!"

    Mike and Barbara

  • Riley

    Irish Doodle Testimonial of Riley

    "We had the good fortune to hear about Sue and her Doodles before we searched for a puppy. The farm is beautiful and Sue is a very experienced and caring breeder. We fell in love online with Riley in about 5 seconds. She is an Irish doodle. Her coat is reddish brown, very soft and fluffy. She is funny, energetic, and extremely smart. Doing well in Puppy School! She loves everyone, especially children and other animals. Always ready to play. There has been no shedding so no allergy issues. The puppy stage is challenging but so worth it. We are having so much fun! Sue has been there if we have any questions or concerns and she likes to follow up on how her Doodles are progressing. Thanks again for Riley. We love her."

    Joanne C.

  • Molly

    Irish Doodle Molly

    "Molly basically does NOT shed!!! Her fur is soft and wavy (longer) and is quick to dry. Doesn't hold dirt and sand, not matted at all. It's wonderful! She is getting redder. Her tail, face, and legs are much more red, and there is darker red at the base of her coat, so I think she will become more red with time. Yea!

    She is a happy, curious, playful, and a very smart puppy. She sits and comes very well. I had her doing well with jumping when someone enters, but she has started up again...as she is more aware. Looks our windows now. We will work on more manners as she is more ready. We are putting in a taller metal fence and creating a much bigger yard for her, so that will make her happy. She loves NH with the lake and is free to run...never leaves the property. We have an electric fence up there, but she doesn't even need to collar. She is such a family and people dog, so loving and happy. Loves kids. We are extremely happy with her. So glad we connected! Thanks."