Irish Doodles

Irish Doodle Puppies Irish Doodle Puppies Irish Doodle Puppies Irish Doodle Puppies Irish Doodle Puppies Irish Doodle Puppies Irish Doodle Puppies

Some of our Irish Doodles

We're often asked what the Irish Doodles will look like when full grown. We've put together this slideshow to answer that question.

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About Our Irish Doodles

In a strenuous effort to achieve a true and lasting red in our doodle pups we introduced our Irish Doodles in 2012.

We began with two exceptional dogs that we raised to be the first parents to see if there was any interest. Maggie, a stunning deep mahogany AKC Irish Setter and Mac, a beautiful red Standard Poodle produced our first litter in April, 2012.

We were so stunned with the beauty, charm and calm temperaments of our Irish puppies that we fell in love! We had such an enthusiastic response to our gorgeous, laid-back Irish puppies that we then added two new Irish moms, both sisters of Maggie. All three were absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately, Molly one of the sisters was unable to breed.

By this time, we knew what we were looking for in an Irish Mom, and we set out to find other Irish Setters that would produce these same wonderful laid-back, red puppies. After a nation-wide search, we have added more Irish Setters and a very red Standard Poodle to our Irish Doodle breeding lines and are introducing F1B generation and Moyen size in 2016. We can't wait to see what the next few years will bring.

Irish Doodle Puppy

Is an Irish Doodle Right for You?

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The Irish Setter is a more energetic dog, but when combined with the Poodle, the puppies settle down a great deal. However, I recommend these pups for more active people and families with more energetic children. They will be perfect for the person wanting a devoted running companion, as well as a therapy dog (Setters have been used for this purpose for years).

The Irish Doodle

McKenzies Doodles Irish Doodle Puppies

Both breeds are very family oriented and good with children. The Irish can be wanderers like the Golden Retriever but the Poodle is a 'homebody' that stays close to his family even when the opportunity is available. The mix balances both sides very well like it does in the Goldendoodle.

The Irish is also a lighter shedder than the Golden Retriever so the first generation cross produces little to no shedding and a very winsome 'shaggy' coat.

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