Doodle Dads


Rory - Goldendoodle Dad

Rory is our AKC VERY red standard poodle! He is truly 'Irish Setter red'. I have never seen a standard this dark. He comes from the original kennels that worked to produce this color in the standard size poodle, breeding up from the mini poodle to get it. He has Shangrela, Majestic, and Leather Stocking lines. We have been amazed at the red he has pulled and are anxious to see the what he will produce with our very dark red Golden Retriver, Chili, as well as our Irish Doodles. He has a personality to die for with a very gentle and sweet disposition.


Rusty - Goldendoodle Dad

Rusty is our newest AKC red standard poodle! He is larger than Rory at about 65-70 pounds, and is a deep red color with a magnificent conformation. Rusty lives in Northern Virginia with his companion home family, who love him. They say: "Rusty is a good and trusting soul. While he loves to play and walk, he is quite content to lie down at your feet and get an occasional touch just to know he is your companion; a sweet and loving dog."


Willy - Goldendoodle Dad

Sweet William aka Willy is our new sable parti Standard Poodle. He is from a show breeder in Texas that was recommended to us from another breeder and trusted friend. He is just gorgeous and SO very sweet with a very gentle nature. We chose him specifically for our girl Eesey, our Bernese Mountain Dog, because he carries for every color under the rainbow and we are hoping for tricolor Bernedoodles! He has a very nice pedigree and we can't wait to see what he produces!


Haggard - Goldendoodle Dad

Haggard is a Black/Blue Merle Moyen Poodle, the European size between the Standard and the Mini. Merle is a fading pattern, not a coloring. Technically he is a black poodle with a fading gene. He is about 35 lbs so his pups should be smaller, running in the 35-55 lb range - a nice medium size. Everyone who meets him wants him! He has a very delightful affectionate and funny personality. He is the only dog that our pet, Squizzy, accepts as a brother and shares everything with . . . major testimonial for his character. He runs like the wind and gets along with everyone but is not hyper and is very well-behaved in the house. He was not companioned out since we all fell in love with him and couldn't give him up, so he is a house puppy.


Dickens - Standard Poodle

Dickens is a great boy! He is a Standard Poodle. He is very sweet and loving and craves attention. Dickens gets along with all other dogs. He is a merle who carries for parti and all colors. He is a very social guy.


Burley - Burnese Mountain Dog

Meet our new Hungarian import, Burley! He is recently imported from Budapest, Hungary! He is from the same champion show breeder that our Eesey is from. He is a wonderful fellow with the most friendly, social personality. He and Eesey seem to have an innate bond and really like each other :) He is 130 lbs, 16 months old, and will get bulkier as he matures. These are not meant to be smaller sized puppies! He will be our new stud for our Poodle Moms for our Bernedoodles. We are thrilled with this guy and think he will make some amazing puppies!