Companion Home Program

Companion Home Dogs are dogs that we use for breeding but live in homes with families who will love and care for them as a normal family dog. The dogs have a good life and the families get wonderful loving companions and some extra income. The dogs are given to the families free of charge, and after they are finished breeding, the families will have 100% ownership of a spayed or neutered dog.


The compensation for our male companions is $100 per litter. A male dog will be expected to be available to stud at any time McKenzie's requires. This can be a very rare expectation or it can be several times per year. The male will be kept intact and will either be brought to us or arrangements will be made for pick-up whenever the female designated for him comes into heat. We will keep the male for approximately 2 weeks each breeding. Depending upon the experience on both sides and the need of the dog, we will relinquish rights after the male is around 8 years of age or when he has been replaced by a younger stud, which could be much earlier.


The family of our female companions will receive $100 per puppy with a $1000 cap per litter. Females come into heat approximately every 6 months. When the dog comes into heat, she will need to be brought to our farm to be bred, staying for about a week to 10 days. After she is bred, she can return home until close to time to deliver (approximately 8 weeks). She is then brought back to deliver and nurse her pups for a total of 8 weeks. When the litter is born, the family is very welcome to come and play with puppies and visit the Mom after the first couple of weeks. This makes the separation easier for both the family and the dog, and is also good socialization for the puppies. After 8 weeks, she returns home freshly groomed and happy to be back with her family until the next time.

The current AKC-recommended and veterinarian-approved timing for breeding is to breed with every heat cycle. It is no longer considered advisable to give the females a year between litters. That said, the dog will be first bred at her second heat at around 1 1/2 years of age. She will then breed every 6 months or whenever she comes into heat. The good news is that the family does not have to deal with the mess of the cycle (because she will be returned for breeding). However, it does mean she will be away a lot (4 months per year) for 3-4 years of her life. After 6-7 litters, she will be retired and the family will gain full ownership at around 5 years of age. This could be a nice money making opportunity for some young person and a great way to learn responsibility and put some money away for college! This could also be a vacation fund for the family while at the same time having a really wonderful family companion!


Companion Puppy


Companion Dogs are placed in a home that we approve of, and that is located within a reasonable distance (within 50 miles) of us. Dogs are co-owned with your family and us until we are through breeding them. We own the breeding rights. The family agrees to a contract that states how they will cooperate with us in procuring the dog as we need them to breed. Otherwise the dog is the family's dog. Full ownership will revert to the family after we no longer need the dog for breeding.

The companion home family will be expected to feed a high quality food and vitamins and keep the dog up to date on the shots and worming that is normally required of any family pet. We will be happy to help with the shots as we do our own and offer that for the family at no charge. Worming is very easy and can be obtained over the counter. They will also be expected to train the dog so that their experience as well as ours is a good one. We are not strict on this but we do not expect to receive a dog that is a major behavioral problem or one that is so very spoiled that it does not know the meaning of the word 'no'. Any expenses that pertain to the pregnancy or any reproductive issues will be paid by us, the rest will be covered by the companion home family.

The above responsibilities are such that we prefer that families live within an hour of Winchester so as not to stress the family that is participating. We are hoping this program will work for both parties.

If for any reason this arrangement does not work out for either side, it can be reversed. If you are unsure, you know that you are not 'stuck' with an arrangement you are not happy with, making this a very risk free situation. THE DOG WILL ALWAYS REVERT BACK TO MCKENZIE'S DOODLES IF THE FAMILY DECIDES THIS IS NOT FOR THEM.


If you are interested in learning more about our companion program, please contact me and we will plan a time to get together and meet and discuss your situation and arrange a time to meet the dogs/puppies.