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Bernedoodle Puppy

This is Bailey, one of Eesey's sable puppies. We think the sables are gorgeous, and we love the way they fade.

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McKenzies Doodles is excited to announce our plan to breed the marvelous Bernedoodle cross! Anyone who is familiar with the Bernese Mountain Dog is aware of the wonderful personalities and dispositions that they bring to the table. They are a large breed dog that has great family friendly traits that when mixed with the very loving, smart and child tolerant traits of the standard poodle produce another perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, and love. They are a dog that does shed heavily on a seasonal basis. A 50/50 cross should produce a dog that will shed less and have an allergy tolerance much better than the parent breed. When crossed they should produce more of the big, blocky heads that everyone loves and I have been searching for. Some of the crosses look just like a curly tri colored Bernese but often they come in solids or just two colors. I am doing this for personality, and family friendly dogs with a blockier build, less shedding and a better allergy tolerance. Coloring is a perk but not the focus of our program.

Bernese Mountain Dog History

The Bernese was developed and became very popular in Switzerland before the Industrial Revolution as a 'hauling' dog. They were thus bred for very large and muscular builds that could haul large, heavy loads by cart. It is amazing to realize that they can pull many times their weight. It is fun to train them to pull a cart and also gives them something 'important' to do as they are working dogs. They also make great watch dogs, being initially wary of strangers but warming up quickly. They do well with cattle and other herd type animals. However, their favorite thing is to be with their families entertaining them with their antics (they remain puppyish well into adulthood) and just being loved and included in the 'pack'.

One of the drawbacks of the Bernese is that their life expectancy has dropped to 6-8 years in the U.S. from the original 10-14 yrs. This is due to a high incidence of cancer in the breed. Many feel this is due to the breed dying out when they were no longer needed as a hauling dog. Anytime this happens the gene pool is shrunk allowing many health issues to arise.

Eesey from Hungary

Our Bernese, Eesey, comes from a line that is living from 10-13 years! We imported Eesey from Hungary from a breeder of international champions. She comes from all champions and grand champions and very healthy lines. Her parents were both thoroughly tested, which is required in Europe. Like us, the breeder is an advocate of the raw diet and has gotten huge results and increased their lifespan to 10-13 years of age! This is why we went to the extreme of international shipping, not to mention the much greater expense.

About Eesey

Eesey is our first experience with owning a Bernese Mountain Dog and we are IN LOVE! She is the most wonderful, loving and funny girl you could imagine! She loves EVERYBODY in the kennel and they love her. She is so easy going but so full of fun! We love to watch them all romp and play. Eesey is usually the ring leader. She is so large but is such a puppy in personality, typical of the Bernese. She has a best friend, our goldendoodle, Gracie. They just adore each other and play nonstop. Gracie is no longer receiving chicken at night as she is finished with her litter, but she so loves it. We have observed Eesey giving her chicken to her best friend Gracie as a gift!

Eesey is also a wonderful nurturer. She has not had a litter yet but loves all the pups on the farm like she is their own mother. We are so excited about the breed and in playing a part in broadening the gene pool in a good way for these amazing and delightful dogs! Her first litter will be bred in June of 2015 and we are waiting with great anticipation to see what she will produce!

Our Bernedoodle Puppies

I recommend our Bernedoodle puppies for families as well as couples or singles who can house a dog that will be on the larger side (likely 65-95 lbs). They will need a long walk daily, brushing once or twice a week, a cooler environment in the hot months (their black coats absorb the heat and they can get overheated) and a lot of love! They DO need owners who can use a firm and gentle hand with their training. These puppies will be very smart, sensitive and easy to train. They will be marvelous with children and other pets. We are very excited to offer this amazing, and beautiful breed to our customers!