About McKenzie's Doodles

Goldendoodle Puppy by McKenzies Doodles

Mckenzie's Doodles is located at the northern tip of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. We are only a little over an hour outside of DC and are close to Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We also ship all over the country. We live on a farm in the beautiful rolling hills of Winchester in an old Virginia farmhouse with kids and dogs - all of which keep us very busy.


One of the primary reasons we breed our doodles is to provide people who have allergies and/or sensitivites to shedding dogs with a good alternative. Our puppies are smart, loving companions and are able to be tolerated by most people who have allergies. Many of our dogs have been used and trained as therapy dogs, and we are always delighted to hear about our puppies helping people who are disabled.

We Match Puppies to Families

We do not breed large numbers of dogs so we can stay smaller and more involved with each of our adults, as well as the puppies, on a daily basis. This also allows us to give more time to our customers, and we are always here to offer advice or assistance. We feel very strongly about selling the 'perfect' family dog and feel you can't do better than a Doodle!

Experience Matters

We have been breeding for more than ten years and have developed a great reputation for beautiful, healthy, laid back pups that have enhanced the lives of many. Our children, grandchildren and friends are available at all times to help with the socialization of our 'babies' and it has paid off richly with happy, well adjusted companions and family members for our many customers.

Come for a Visit

We love to welcome people to our home to check out the parents of the puppies and visit with each little pup they may be looking at. You are welcome to come and choose a new addition to your home, we only ask that you make an appointment ahead of time. We normally schedule visits on days when other puppies are going home so you can see how the whole process works.

We're Here to Help

A deposit will secure a puppy that you have chosen online or in person, and any advice you need in choosing as well as raising your pup is available anytime by phone, email or in person. We will help you in any way that we can and always try to make this big decison a wonderful experience for all. Kids are always welcome. We look forward to meeting you!